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  • Video installations are a significant and dynamic form of contemporary art, having a significant impact in today's art world. With their ability to tell stories, engage the viewer and push the boundaries of traditional art forms, they offer artists a powerful tool to express their ideas and connect with audiences on a deeper level.




working title: nature strike’s back

location: public room

technique: video-installation:

inspired by: Godfrey Reggio (Koyaanisqatsi). 

video/trailer ©


UrbanNature is an aesthetic that should raise questions about urban ecology and sustainability. Ecological natural aesthetics or urban nature is an aesthetic that is intended to raise questions about urban ecology and sustainability.


The subject of ecological natural aesthetics is the application of its aspects to works of art in which ecological crises are dealt with or the modern growth and profit paradigm is questioned.


Based on this, the ecological aesthetics of nature develops its criticism of the destruction of the environment and demands an orientation towards humane and ecological standards.



Additional information:

Global soil consumption and nature destruction, driven by urbanization and intensive activities, have severe consequences. 

Loss of fertile land, destruction of habitats, and biodiversity decline are critical issues. 


This also contributes to environmental problems like soil erosion, water pollution, and climate change. 

Sustainable land use practices and nature protection are essential to mitigate these impacts and secure a sustainable future.



I’m an artist/photo/video - specialised in urban street style.

My work reflects the beauty in the ordinary (life of people/nature).

Art for me is implementing a visual thought into reality & to be completely honest, black & white is color enough. (-nature strike’s back- in color)